Outbrain and Taboola in 2023

In the rapidly evolving world of digital advertising, Outbrain and Taboola have emerged as dominant players, revolutionizing the way brands acquire customers. With their Native Advertising platforms…

Headlines Tips

Outbrain & Taboola: Writing a Good Headline is The Same as Writing a Good Joke. Today’s topic: Easy process to follow for any Brand that aims to level up their Creatives’ Assets in Native Advertising.

Taboola & Yahoo Deal

Taboola & Yahoo’s 30-Year Deal: Why Brands Should See It As a Huge Opportunity? Analysis & Observations from an Agency that spent Millions of $ on both Platforms. We are gathering the first data…

Most Common Mistakes

Outbrain & Taboola: Why Marketers Still Make Those Classic Mistakes in 2023? This video highlighted the most common mistakes we encountered when auditing thousands of campaigns in the last 10 years

The Golden Rules in Native Ads

This video gathers the same Golden Rules we followed for every success stories we experienced when using Native Ads. Our Best Advice After 11 Years of Managing & Optimising Campaigns.

The Exploration Phase

The Exploration Phase. This video focuses on a key step that every Ad goes through when approved by the platforms. What is it and why it is important? Work with the Algorithms, not against them.

Outrun The Competition

This video echoes an equation that is the key principle of Native Ads’ Algorithms (in less than 1 min). How to get the best impressions? What is a Top Performer ? If you have something to keep in mind

Taboola Agency Partner

Schwartz Consulting is now an official Taboola Marketing Agency Partner. As an ultra-specialized Agency in Native Advertising, it is such an important industry recognition from our strategic partner.

Native Ads Specs

Outbrain, Taboola, Yahoo Gemini, Ligatus. If you want to avoid having a bad surprise with your Native Ads Campaigns, it is important to know the following guidelines when it comes to creative.

Case Study

How the Brand Esprit Dégustation.fr have divided their acquisition cost by 2 and their Click-to-buy cost by 6 by working with the Ultra-Specialised Agency Schwartz Consulting (Taboola & Outbrain)