1…2…3 years!

Schwartz Consulting is celebrating its third year today and continues its amazing growth in an expending market: Native Advertising.

With the takeover of Ligatus by Outbrain, the leading Content Discovery platform secures impressive Audience Reach in European Markets, in direct competition with Facebook and Google. At the same time, Taboola confirms, as always, its capacity to innovate by developing the first bidding feature that takes into account conversion rate and works very well at scale: Smart Bid. Verizon Media (aka Yahoo Gemini) is one step ahead in Programmatic / Native Ads with the Predictive Audiences, a targeting feature that Performance Marketers love (and we love it too!).

New features, bigger Reach, more scalability, more opportunities… Native Advertising has promising days ahead and Schwartz Consulting is part of it since the early days, confirming its unique expertise and ensuring the best performances for our Partners.

We’ve released our latest Case Study recently: “How the Brand Esprit Dégustation have divided their acquisition cost by 2 and their Click-to-buy cost by 6 by working with the ultra-specialised Agency, Schwartz Consulting”. If you haven’t read it yet, please get in touch!

At Schwartz Consulting, we offer a strong methodology and an on-going support at every stage of your traffic acquisition, from headlines creation to landing page optimisation. Contact us to find out more.







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